The Bay Area's pop-up photobooth.

Past Corporate Clients

Your guests

will line up.

Our setup is minimal and we know that matters to event planners & couples alike. We take up little space as possible so you can have more space for your party. It also doesn't hurt that our setup looks great.



It's no secret that great portraits are created with great sources of light. Our setup utilizes a studio strobe along with a large umbrella to diffuse the light perfectly for solo and group shots.

She alone is amazed by the light.

And they all too look good under it too.



Touch the screen to start and you get 4 shots to show us your best pose. Want to do more? We expect you to come back. But we better see bigger and better poses.

Print & repeat.

This is what you came for: a physical memento of your time at the party. We only print unlimited each night because what's the fun in capping it?

And no worries. You can send your photos instantly through SMS text or email. For free. So yes please, post it on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Myspace & Friendster.

We can't keep up on all the platforms these days.


  • 4 hours
  • Unlimited on-site printing
  • Custom designed photostrip to include your names/logo, event & date
  • Clean white background so all eyes are on you
  • On-site technician
  • Private Gallery with unique URL for full resolution downloads

Servicing San Francisco and immediate Bay Area. Not sure if you're covered? Please email us. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Photostrip is founded by JJ Jumoc-Casas, a San Francisco-based photographer and cinematographer. He co-founded Motionscope Weddings, which provided full photography and videography coverage before focusing solely on commercial clients with 8:45a.

We realize half the fun of a photobooth is taking the picture(s) and walking away with a photo print. While we integrate digital ways to share the images via SMS, texting, and email, we love it when guests come home with a printed memory from the event.

Four hours is the sweet spot for most events. For weddings, it covers the cocktail hour plus the dancing portion. For corporate events, four hours also covers the peak hours. If you do happen to want more hours of coverage, we only charge $199/hr after the first four hours.

We understand that 4 hours might be too much, so we offer 2-hour packages at $975. Please understand that this would still include the additional 1.5 hours required to set up and tear down the booth. If you decide to extend the booth on-location, the additional charge is $199/hr. 

We arrive at least 1.5 hours before the agreed time for the booth to be open to set it all up. An 8x8' area is needed to operate the booth successfully as it provides space for the booth itself, an 8' wide background, and enough space for people to enter and exit. We'll also need access to standard 120V AC electrical power, which our Photobooth will be plugged into for the duration of the operation. We use a 25' foot extension cable that will be taped down so guests will not trip over it.

Our white background is our gold standard. It's clean, minimal, and flattering, and it helps actually throw light back to subjects, making for a great studio-quality photo. We are more than happy, though, to work with your own backdrop if you prefer.

We don't offer any props as we believe each party is its own, and the focus should be on you and your guests. Plus, one "standard" prop box won't fit all parties. However, we can customize our booth props to fit your theme for $199. We'll shop for you and bring props that will make your booth experience even better.

After the event, all photos (both singles and photostrips) are uploaded so you and your guests can download the full-resolution images for free through your unique URL i.e.

There is a 50% deposit upon signing the agreement. The remaining balance is due anytime before or on the event day. The image gallery will be available ASAP but guests cannot download the images until balance is fully paid.

We'd love to have a meal reserved for our technician. Otherwise, let us know if we have to pack our own PB&J sandwich along with a CapriSun.

LET'S GOOOO. Fill out the form so we can hold your date for you. We'll guard it from anyone else who wants on your date. :)

Who is Photostrip?

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Are props included?

Do we get to keep our photos?

What are the payment terms?

Do we have to feed the on-site technician?

Love it. Let's do it!

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